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Yocto build BSP seems slower then LTIB for video capture and display

Question asked by Makis Livadas on May 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 31, 2014 by Makis Livadas

Started using Yocto to build BSP for SabreSD imx6q evaluation board.

Build X11 system for BSP and SDK to get the toolchain to build my test application.

I have managed to get a system to capture from the on board camera and display on HDMI display.

The same code runs on last LTIB BSP and on new Yocto BSP.

I experiencing a reduction in performance by almost 30% when using Yocto BSP.

Upon investigation I have narrowed down the issue to the way data is copied from and to MMAP memory used for capture and display. I tried to configure the kernel and cannot see any major differences to the way the kernel was build with LTIB.

I am not sure if this a known issue with Yocto, but any advice on what can be done to improve speed will be appreciated.