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Mqx 3.8 flashx error after SNMP starts

Question asked by caio reia on May 21, 2014
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Hi everyone !!  I'm working with MQX 3.8 for MCF52233demo board.Its my first project on MQX and first time on the community. I started from snmp example !  The project starts 3 task. Priority 8 an Ad reading. Priority 9 Main Task wich starts ethernet and SNMP protocol and priority 10 an GPIO control which I open an flashx file (bank 0) and read and write data sucessfully until the Main task starts SNMP protocol !!  gathering logs, the flashx works fine before the following code in the snmptraps.c  

error = SNMP_init_with_traps("SNMP", 7, 2500, my_trap_list);

   if (error) {

      printf("\nFailed to initialize SNMP agent, error = %X", error);


   } /* Endif */

    printf("Demo started, wait... \n\r");  

after that every writing in the flashx gives an error code 2563 and reding gives an ok status.

I've tried everything !!  priority, size of the stack initiating flashx after snmp protocol, and nothing solves.

can anyone help me?