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PF0100 'VSNVS' Output

Question asked by Vignesh Vasudevan on May 20, 2014
Latest reply on May 21, 2014 by Jorge Ramirez



After going through MMPF0100, I got to know that VSNVS pin of PF0100 is an output which derives its power from either VIN or coin cell. Let me know whether VSNVS output will be present always and does not have any dependency on PWRON pin of PMIC itself.


I put this question because in our design we are replicating the PMIC connections as in SabreSD board, where by P3V3_LICELL(pin 42 LICELL) yields PMIC_VSNVS(pin 43 VSNVS) which in turn gives VSNVS_3V0(through a 0Ohms arrangement) to which the crucial PWRON (pin 56) has been pulled high. Kindly refer to the images for clarification and let me know if there is anything wrong about this design.