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How to operate i.MX28 TIMROT timer in duty cycle mode?

Question asked by Leon Woestenberg on May 16, 2014
Latest reply on May 27, 2014 by alejandrolozano



I would like to use the TIMROT v2 module TIMER3 in duty cycle measurement mode.


As a first test, I just want to measure the duty cycle of the 32 kHz crystal clock.


As the clock tick input, I select TICK_ALWAYS (0xF)

As the test input, I select the 32 kHz crystal clock (0xB)


root@imx28evk:~# devmem2 0x800680e0 w 0x000b02cf


However, the DUTY_VALID does not go high as I would expect (i.e. the test signal is an approx. 50/50 duty cycle signal).

IRQ goes high, and LOW_RUNNING_COUNT gets a value, but HIGH_RUNNING_COUNT does not.


Read at address  0x800680E0: 0x000B82CF

Read at address  0x800680F0: 0xF1F83AD9

Read at address  0x80068100: 0x00000000



- It is not documented how UPDATE and RELOAD bits must be set in duty cycle mode.

- It is not documented how IRQ is handled in duty cycle mode

- Must I preload the FIXED_COUNT register to 0xffffffff?


Thanks for any insights to get this working,