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sgtl 5000 mic configuration

Question asked by kiran kunnath on May 16, 2014
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We are trying to configure mic(not using Lineout and Headphone) in SGTL5000 using the below configurations.

But we are not able to produce any data from I2S out.

The Power usuage is:

VDDA = VDDIO  = 3.3V

VDDD = 1.8V

Can anyone suggest what all the configurations needed for the mic.

We are configuring only,

1) CHIP_DIG_POWER   (0x0042)

2) CHIP_CLK_CTRL       (0x0008)

3) CHIP_I2S_CTRL        (0x0090)

4) CHIP_SSS_CTRL      (0x0010)

5) CHIP_ANA_CTRL      (0x0110)

6) CHIP_REF_CTRL      (0x01FE)

7) CHIP_MIC_CTRL       (0x0371)

8) CHIP_ANA_POWER  (0x4062)


Please suggest if any other configurations are needed.