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Why I can't create forth private message pool?

Question asked by Lisa Fu on May 9, 2014
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I use TWRK60F120M, MQX 4.02 and Code Warrior 10.2.


I have used message queue for a while. I have created three private message pools and they work just fine. The first three message pools are created in three different tasks. The three tasks send messages to each other. There are two ISRs also send messages to them. Recently I want to add forth private message pool in forth task. I have faces some issue with forth message pool. I can build my project without problem. Once I load my program to the K60 board, both ISRs can't allocate messages. I have checked user_config.h file. BSP_DEFAULT_MAX_MSGPOOLS is (5L). My understand that I should not have problem. However I had tried to change it to be (8L) and rebuild MQX. It doesn't help. I have changed it back to (5L). Should I increase BSP_DEFAULT_MAX_MSGQS? Currently this is defined as (20L) and my application queue numbers are 9~19.


Anybody has experience with multiple private message pools? What else I should pay attention? Thank you in advance!