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Unable to program flash in K60 TWR

Question asked by Neerav Karani on May 5, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by Hui_Ma


I am working with the TWR-K60D100M tower system and CodeWarrior IDE. When I build my project in CW, an executable is generated with the .elf extension. I was able to debug the project on the tower system. Also, I was able to program the flash of MCU with the .elf file and the program would run fine on the MCU. Everything was good so far.


Then, I programmed the flash with a different file by mistake. This was a binary file with '.project' extension. No error was shown in the CW console when this was done. However, after this I am unable to either debug on the tower or write any other file to the MCU's flash.


  1. When I try to debug, the process is stuck while initializing the .arp file. CW has to be restarted to debug again.



     2. If I try to write the program to the MCU's flash using the 'Flash file to target' option, the process stops with the following error:


This happens for both the 'Erase whole device' and 'Erase and Program' options.

What is this flash ID? Where is it trying to read it from?


     3. The earlier error was while programming using the JTAG connection. If I use the P&E Universal multilink connection, it fails with this error:




My work is completely halted right now as I unable to test any code I write. Please give any inputs that might be helpful.


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