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Feedback on KDS

Question asked by pgo on May 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2014 by Erich Styger

Just some comments on KDS


  • I quite like the light touch approach taken in KDS compared to Codewarrior 10.  I hope this will make it easier to add extensions to the environment.


They seem pretty comparable except that the RAM usage (suspect for newlib?) (even with -nanolibc) still seems excessive c.f. above.  I may not be using the options correctly of course. 

There may be some option to tune the allocated space.


.data.impure_data  KDS=0x298 bytes, GNU-ARM=0x60


For a minimal project created using the KDS compiler:

text   data  bss   dec   hex   filename
3800   692  65580 70072 111b8 zzzz.elf


For a minimal project created using GNU-ARM

text  data  bss   dec   hex   filename
3188  120  65584 68892 10d1c zzzz.elf

  • I am interested in the choice of using a customised GCC.  Is there some expectation that there might be Kinetis specific optimizations that can be applied to the actual compiler?  I would have thought this unlikely since the ARM core is standard.


  The advantage is that the path is present in everything in the environment.  The disadvantage is that there is no mechanism to change this - so you are stuck with the toolchain in KDS.   Changing the toolchain in the project setup has no real affect.

It would be preferable to use the recommended tool-chain-specific method using IConfigurationEnvironmentVariableSupplier.