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UART issue of OBDS based on i.MX6 Platform SDK 1.1

Question asked by fe la on Apr 28, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 29, 2014 by fe la

Hello, Freescale


I am using the OBDS codes to test my hardware,(my hardware is based on SDB, only uart and sd card different with sdb, mostly the same)

My debug uart is the UART3, not the uart1. SO I added the "uart3_iomux_config.c" to config the usrt3, and change the "uint32_t g_debug_uart_port = HW_UART3;"


I can see the debug information from the serial software, but I can't input any characters into the uart.


I debug with my uboot(I porting my codes based on sdb uboot), uart's read/write is OK, SO the hardware for uart module is right. It's the codes issue.

I found that the uart3 port used for loopback test?


Can you help me locate this issue?


Best Regards

Fe La