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Kinetis K60 ADC performance + histogram tool

Question asked by FRED WEDEMEIER on Apr 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 7, 2014 by aleguzman

I've got some concerns about the performance of the 16-bit Kinetis ADC. To help address those, I've made some major mods to the IAR/Freescale ADC demo to generate histograms of ADC readings. Not good news, at least using the K60 Tower kit board reading the onboard pot. Granted, the board does not have a nice stable Vref and pot voltage, but I'm seeing between 4 and 5 bits of noise in averaged readings. If I interpret the data sheet correctly, this ain't meeting spec... Anyone have a genuine product design that does substantially better than this?


If anyone cares to compare results, I've attached the code and sample histograms in the adc_histo\histograms\ folder.

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