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SPI RXDATA always 0

Question asked by muthuswamydikshit on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2014 by wenjing wang

I am reading only 0x00 in ECSPI RXDATA register.

I am using iMX6 with BSP 4.1.0. Kernel version 3.0.35.

I am using spidev4.2 as master and mode =0.


I can see that SCK and MOSI are sending out correct data.

I can also see correct data in MISO line.


But the RXDATA register always reads 0. I put a printk in spi_imx_buf_rx_##type in spi_imx.c file.

#define MXC_SPI_BUF_RX(type)                                            \

static void spi_imx_buf_rx_##type(struct spi_imx_data *spi_imx)         \

{ \

        unsigned int val = readl(spi_imx->base + MXC_CSPIRXDATA);       \

        printk(KERN_INFO"%s: %s: %d: rxdata = %u\n", __FILE__, __func__, __LINE__, val);              \ \

        if (spi_imx->rx_buf) {                                          \

                *(type *)spi_imx->rx_buf = val;                         \

spi_imx->rx_buf += sizeof(type);                        \

        } \



Val always prints 0.


I am not able to figure out why.


I am send two bytes. 1st is command and 2nd byte is dummy(0x00). On sending the second byte I can see the correct response on MISO line but it doesn’t reflect in RXDATA register.

I am doing 16 bits-per-word burst transfer. Since one command-response sequence takes 2 bytes.


I did multiple 16bpw transfer. But still I read only 0x00 in RXDATA register.


Request some help for me.