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how to log data in USB using CW10.5 +MQX RTOS.

Question asked by sudhanshu mehta on Apr 24, 2014
Latest reply on May 9, 2014 by Garabo

Hi All,



I am using twr-k70F120M "kit".

I have twr-ser1 board. And elevator boards with me.

i am using freescale codewarrior 10.5 special edition(free version) + MQX4.0.2 



I want to use thumb drive(usb mass storage device) for following

    1)      Data logging.

   2)      Updating code into processor.


how can i obtain above?


Please provide documentation if you have for this + some example code.


I have got HVAC example and I feel it is writing data in USB mass storage device.

But when I enable its                   "#define DEMOCFG_ENABLE_USB_FILESYSTEM  0  /* enable USB mass storage */"               flag, it says code size increased  (because I am using freescale codewarrior 10.5 (free special edition) + MQX )


Is there is any small project example using which I can log data in USB mass storage device??


Kindly reply ASAP.