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Question about using PEx in MQX

Question asked by Kenan SUN on Apr 15, 2014
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I've been using PEx for a long time and recently I've moved on MQX with my TWRK60F120M board and TWR-SER module. Now I'm trying to integrate PEx drivers into the MQX environment. Here I've got several questions


1. If I want to use PEx in the MQX system without any problem, should I only use those components of low level? Those components like Term or LED are still reliable?


2. I know that to enable PEx in MQX is simply adding components into the BSP. But in this case, can I still configure the MCU or other peripherals using PEx, like the CPU freq or interrupts enabled? Is there any collision of usage between the BSP driver config and the PEx config?


3. If everything is ok and I decided to use both BSP and PEx, So what I should do is just to call BSP related function when I want to use it as drivers and I do the same thing for PEx. Is what I just said correct?


Thanks very much!