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Can't run my application using CW10.5 using P&E Micro Multilink Universal

Question asked by Leo Marziliano on Apr 10, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 17, 2014 by Pascal Irrle



I'm relatively new to using Freescale tools so please be patient


I've ported an application from a previous CW version (7.3 I think) to CW10.5 and now I'm trying to download the load to my target using the USB P&E Multilink Universal. I can connect to my target (has a V3 MCF5327 on it) with no issue. It takes awhile to download the load to the target, as compare to the previous CW tool. While downloading, I keep seeing this message to the console window:


Starting 3rd party flash programming...
ERR: Warning: Programming algorithm not found for this device.


The load gets in the target eventually but when trying to run it using the Eclipse debugger, it just suspends after executing a couple of instructions...


I don't understand why the tool is starting to do flash programming when I'm loading in the application into RAM. Tried to find in the Eclipse menus how to disable flash programming but no success.


Could the attempt by the tool to flash the device be the root cause of my problem or it can be something else ?