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libusb run-time dependency linking issue

Question asked by syed ahmed on Mar 25, 2014

Hi everyone,


I am working on I.MX258. Linux2.6.31 Kernel version.


I am trying to port PCSC+CCID libraries to our cross platform.


I am using updated packages for libusb(1.0.8) and udev(151).


pcsc-lite(1.7.4) and CCID (1.4.4)


please check below link.


Re: add libudev on imx28




After upgrading the toolchain. i can able to compile all the packages.


I am attaching all the steps used to compile the libraries.



I am getting runtime dependecy issue for ccid library even though i pass all the flags.


if i try to compile all the packages for PC platfom linking is done and every thing is working good.


Developer of the packages replied its the linux loader issue.


please help me to fix the linking issue.


please let me know if any details or workaround required.

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