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USB virtual com linker-problem (MCF52259 ColdFire)

Question asked by kleckerspur on Mar 24, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by soledad



I always get link errors while compiling the usb-virtual_com example for devices from mqx.

I tried switching the DELAYED_PROCESSING flag, but the the linker-error still exist.


I am using the twrmcf52259.cw10 project. It once worked and the virtual-port was detected by the pc.

Sending single data in the loopback worked fine.

I tried it later on without any modifications and I got linker problems. I also intalled the mqx 4.1 lib again.


I am using

     -CodeWarrior for MCU

       Version: 10.5

       Build Id:130916

     -CodeWarrior MQX 4.1 Plug-ins

     -µC:MCF52259 ColdFire