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No output DAC0 or 1 using CW10.5 using PE DAC_LDD component on K70 tower board

Question asked by JD Jenzano on Mar 22, 2014

No output DAC0

Tried several different program methods finally went back to the Help example code for SetValue. Method in Component DAC_LDD - bare board simple project with one component, tried two different TRW-K70F120M boards


The Voltage reference source was default – internal Vrefo in the DAC component Properties – Seemed like good choice – Changed it to external Vdda – schematic shows this connected to 3.3Vdc Generate PE code/Build/Debug/Start - Got voltage out


Not sure why internal Vrefo (default) did not work but I’ve had just too much fun with this component to spend more time looking –We can live with Vdda just fine – Anyone know  why internal Vrefo did not supply an output?



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