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TWR-PXS20, no firmware in chip

Question asked by Jiri Takac on Mar 19, 2014



I have tower system with PXS20 and I am having s trouble with downloadin firmware to processor. I am using CW 10.4 and MQX 4. In my code, there are no errors, but when I click on "debug as - Download" CW want write any error during downloading.

Eventhough firmware is downloaded to chip and will start. But when I click on Pause button, CW will write me, that there is no code, where he shoud stop. And when I look at disassembly code I can see only all FFFF. So that means that in the memory is no code.


Could you help me how to solve this problem, or how to erase whole chip and then start new aplication.


PS: I am using USB on board to download firmware to processor.


Thaks, Jiri