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Zigbee in kinetis

Question asked by Allen lusy on Mar 16, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2014 by Alan Led Collins Rivera


    I am new to Freescale, I don't know whether this is a correct place to ask about zigbee. My application is based on Zigbee. After some search, i came to know that, freescale support Zigbee pro with BEEStack. I did't get much information. There is a BEEKit, the document tells that it is create a application(what does it mean?it's IDE or compiler). And other document mentioned, kinetis in Zigbee. Since it is not a SOC, is BeeStack is there for kinetis?. Then which Zigbee Tranceiver is used.  BeeStack will support for which contollers/SOCs. Can any body suggest to start withe freescale Zigbee network.