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from PIC to HC(S)08

Question asked by Diego Pomares on Aug 17, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2007 by Mark Hotchkiss
Hello everyone, I'm a complete newbie in freescale, I know a lot of PICs but decided to try this because HC(S)08 processors are a lot more powerful, but I'm a little stuck, let me explain why:

In PICs: I develop whatever I wanted to do in MPlab, then I plug in the serial port a third party programmer (which is about 10$ and works with hundreds of PICs chips), put the chip in the programmer, "burn" the data in the chip using a third party software (ICprog) wait until is done, then take the chip from the programmer, put it into the protoboard/breadboard and then test.

Now I'm stuck in freescale because I know I have to develop with Codewarrior (excelent software), then I have to use a programmer, all that I've seen are very expensive in comparison with my 10$ PIC programmer, but the other thing is that programmers (like cyclone-pro, usb bdm links) doesn't seem to have "holes" to plug the chip, instead have a 9 or 6 pin cable (ribbon cable?) so where does that goes?

So as you can see I'm confused, I've already made an simple program to try in my protoboard but I don't know if I've been looking right for information about the programing part, so if anyone can give me some pointers on what should I do, I'll be very grateful.

Thank you

PS: This post is somehow embarrassing to me considering all much more advanced topics posts I've seen from people here, sorry.