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USB Strange Out Message instead of SOF

Question asked by Ivo Senn on Mar 14, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2014 by CarlosCasillas

Hy there


I'm using a MK60DN512 with MQX 4.0.0. We are using a Flash memory stick, which is connected on the USB Master of the K60 controller. Now we have the problem, that the stick is suddenly not readable or writable anymore, this after working for several minutes/hours. After analysing the USB BUS we realised that this always happens when the start of Frame message exactly matches an OUT Message. We have an SOF Message at  -286us with the number 1110 and we have one on 1.22ms with the number 1112. The SOF with the number 1111 is missing. Instead of this there is exactly on this position an out Message with endpoint 8. This endpoint does not exist and after and out, it is also not allowed to have another out without ACK NACK ... Does anybody know this problem?  Might this be a HW controller problem? The SOF Message is generated automatically by the controller isn't it?


Thanks for your help