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about 10XS3425 high side switch

Question asked by inside system on Mar 7, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2014 by lama

dear friends ,


currently am working on lighting control module in that i have used above high side switch in that there is pin called (CSNS) on that pin we can read ADC values of load i.e how much load(voltage) currently on that pin (HS0,HS1,HS2,HS3), by using this we can know whether load is ON or OFF or other data, now my query is,


1) if we generate PWM on this above pins using internal clock of this high side switch or by using microcontroller  how we will get stable ADC values on CSNS  as load will be on and off continiously  because of PWM, am having this problem and stuck over here, i have done all the connection(interfacing) using application diagram from the datasheet


currently am using MC9S12G48  freescale microcontroller for this purpose


2)  my second query is i have set the bus frequeny of 25MHZ for my microcontroller(MC9S12G48) and for SPI communication with MC10XS3425 this device i have set baud rate of 6MHZ which is higher ,can i use 12 MHZ  baud rate for communication purpose because in microcontroller   datasheet they have mentioned  that for higher baud rates refer electrical characterstics  is there is any problem in using higher baud rates as i am new in this communication protocall..