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FTM doesn't work

Question asked by Giovinetti Roberto on Mar 4, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2014 by Giovinetti Roberto

Hello everybody.

I'm trying to configure a simple two channels CPWM on FTM0 using MKE02Z32VLD, but I can't. I've tried several ways but no one works. It happens that all register are configured, but FTM0_C0V and FTM0_C1V are set equal to 0. So one channel is always at 100% and one is at 0%, because of the ES1A and ES1B settings. I've tried to write to this registers in several ways but the result is always the same. I don't know why. Pins are redirect in a correct way so I can see FTM0_CH0 and FTM0_CH1 on pin 32 and 33. Clock is gated... Any other suggestion?

Thanks a lot to everybody!