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Relocating code for bootloader on MPC5643L

Question asked by markusa on Feb 25, 2014
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maybe someone can help with this this issue.

I am implementing a bootloader for MPC5643L. I am using CodeWarrior 10.5.

I've already tried a lot of solutions from this forum and the great search engine but it always throws me an linker error.


I implemented the code as follows:

__declspec(section ".init") extern void __startup(int argc, char **argv, char **envp);  #pragma section code_type ".bootvector" data_mode=far_abs __declspec(section ".bootvector") __asm void jumpToStartup(void);  __asm void jumpToStartup(void) {     b __startup; }   


Then I added the following line into the MEMORY block:

bootvector: org = 0x40004, len = 0x8 


And I added the following code to the SECTIONS block:

GROUP : {         .bootvector : {}     } > bootvector 


I also tried the upper statement without the GROUP definition - same result.


When I try to compile it I always get the linker error:

Linker command file output section '.bootvector' has a type or input which is incompatible with section '.bootvector' in file 'Boot_c.obj'. Change the type or add an input for this section.


What I am doing wrong here ?


Thank you,