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Need Help ! How to exactly send data with Ethernet ?! Fnet, MQX ?

Question asked by Jems Lesco on Feb 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by Carlos_Musich

Hi !


I'll try to explain clearly what I want (even if my english is poor ! ). I looked a lot of topics in the community but today I'm lost ! I would like to make a simple connection via Ethernet (like a RS232 but with Ethernet ) to connect PC -> K70 with sockets


Since today I was working with CW and PE. To make the connection, I was thinking that if I add Fnet to my project I could make what I want. But I read that I cannot do this cause Fnet is not compatilble with PE and baremetal ? .I already make code to pilote a TFT screen and RS232 and i just want to add the ethernet layer.  With MQX an exemple is provide to make this (ethernet connection through RTCS).


So if someone can help me and provide me some orientation I will be glad !!!



thanks a lot !