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IMX6 IOMUXC Pad Control Drive Strength Field (DSE) - current vs voltage

Question asked by Tim Harvey on Feb 19, 2014
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We provide several IMX6 GPIO pins to connectors for off-board use and are continually asked what drive strength these pins can support.  The IMX6DQRM documents the DSE field of the various iomuxc pad control registers as impedance values (HIZ, 240ohm, 120ohm, 80ohm, 60ohm, 48ohm, 40ohm, 34ohm for the pads we use).  In our configuration the pads we use are on 3.3V rails.  We have been told that in order to provide an output voltage vs current chart for the IO cells for our customers we need to use the IBIS models for the IMX6 IO cells.    Has anyone done this or can anyone shed some light on the subject of what 'output' voltage vs current is possible at the various DSE's?