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lame mp3 enocder not working on linux (i.MX35)

Question asked by Kiran G on Feb 12, 2014




I am trying to split multi-channel wav files into individual MP3 files per channel . I am trying to use gstreamer for this.


My rootfs already contained a lame executable which successfully converted wav files to mp3. But as this was statically build there was no created. So gstreamer  lame encoder plugin was also no present.


So I checked out latest version of lame and integrated it to LTIB. Everything went find and I got the gstreamer plugin working. But the resultant mp3 file contained only noise. I confirmed that the lame installation was not giving me the proper output.


My guess is that I need to specify some extract "./configure" options for lame.  But I am not sure what.


Can someone please help me out.