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K70F120M compatibility with TWR-SER and TWR-SER2 boards

Question asked by HU Q on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2014 by Juan Manuel Paniego



I am working on TWR-K70F120m kit. I have successfully developed & run Serial, I2C, SPI, SDMMC, NAND and Ethernet drivers on TWR-K70F120M and TWRTWR-SER boards.


When I connect TWR-SER2 board in my tower kit [For USB High Speed Development], then image is not flashed even connection is not established with probe (JLINK).


However, after throwing away TWR-SER module from TWR-K70F120M kit and Placing jumper at J24 on TWR-SER2 board, image is flashed and sample application (say hello world) is running.


My Question is


1. Does TWR-K70F120M kit is compatible with TWR-SER and TWR-SER2 boards? All three board can work at same time?  i.e. Ethernet & Serial are working on TWR-SER while USB High Speed work on TWR-SER2 board at the same time?

2. J24 works as Host if jumper is not placed and works as Device if jumper is placed on TWR-SER2 [As written in Quick Start Guide of TWR-SER2]. Now if I do not connect jumper at J24, then imaged is not flashed and connection is not established. It appears that USB High Speed can not be used as Host?

3. What is recommended jumper/switch setting to work together all these modules?