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CodeWarrior Tap Configuration (Connect to Network)

Question asked by sriram vasudevan on Feb 10, 2014



I am currently working with the Codewarrior Tap. When i received the tap, I tried to manually configure the tap by netparam. The first time i tried to establish a telnet session, I could do so successfully.

As per the given step in the manual, I changed the hostname to lab01. But the telnet session ended abruptly. From then on, I am unable to establish another telnet session.

Further, I am unable to view the device on the internet.

I am unable to locate the IP address of the tap.

When i use the CCS to locate the tap, I am unable to find any device attached to the network.

Please provide me assistance either to restore the tap to the factory setting or to Connect to the network.


Thanks in advance,