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TWR-K70 + eGUI - bitmap from SD card

Question asked by Jan Kedzierski on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2014 by Luis Casado



I working on TWR-K70 and i would like to load bitmaps from sd card.


1. I noticed that it works slower than images loaded directly from precompiled BMP structures. So, I created Ram Drive and copied all images to the RAM - it's the same. MFS issue?

The only solution is at the beginning load all images to the structures and than display them.

Can anyone know better solution?


Another question is:

2. Do anyone know how to generate D4L files? eGUI Converter 2.1 can generate .c .h files only?

3. Where i can found explanation for image content I mean this:


const Word image[] = {
/* Bitmap dimension (W x H) */
0x00C8, 0x00C8, <- OK It's clear ;P
/* Color mode */
0x8000,   <- WHAT DOES IT MEAN? How set for ex. 16M colors mode?



Thanks for any answer and regards.