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ltib "mfg firmware profile" build error

Question asked by sangjin hong on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2014 by sangjin hong

ltib "min profile" build ssuccessful.


However, "mfg firmware profile" failed.

The following is error message.


Could anybody let know why???


=================== error message =================


+ [ /home/john/dev/freescale/dev_env/ltib/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08 != /home/john/dev/freescale/dev_env/ltib/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08 ]

+ cd /home/john/dev/freescale/dev_env/ltib/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08

+ [ -n  ]

+ make HOSTCC=ccache /usr/bin/gcc -B/usr/bin/ CROSS_COMPILE=arm-none-linux-gnueabi- O=/home/john/dev/freescale/dev_env/ltib/rpm/BUILD/u-boot-2009.08 mx6dl_sabresd_mfg_config

make: *** No rule to make target `mx6dl_sabresd_mfg_config'.  Stop.

error: Bad exit status from /home/john/dev/freescale/dev_env/ltib/tmp/rpm-tmp.23807 (%build)



RPM build errors:

    Bad exit status from /home/john/dev/freescale/dev_env/ltib/tmp/rpm-tmp.23807 (%build)

Build time for u-boot-v2009.08: 0 seconds



Failed building u-boot-v2009.08



f_buildrpms() returned an error, exiting




Started: Wed Feb  5 15:09:11 2014

Ended:   Wed Feb  5 15:09:14 2014

Elapsed: 3 seconds


These packages failed to build:



Build Failed


Exiting on error or interrupt