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InteralI2C Bean Test on EVB9S12XEP100

Question asked by Andrea Pistoni on Jan 31, 2014

Hello everybody!


I'm testing the InternalI2C bean (for HC12X) using an evaluation board EVB9S12XEP100.


Since it is the first experience with I2C protocol, and before to use it to

program a Sharp Tuner, I decided to do some training connecting together

the SDA and SCL lines of the two I2C0 and I2C1 ports (using two 2.2 KOhm

resistors for pull-up to Vdd=+5V the two lines SDA and SCL).


At this point, I've created a simple project (see attachement)  integrating

the Processor Expert beans adding two components "I2C0.InternaI2C" and


The scope of this SW is simply to send 3 Bytes from I2C0 to I2C1.


I set the I2C ports as following:


-  I2C0 as MASTER (with Interrupts enabled)

-  I2C1 as SLAVE (with Interrupts enabled)

-  frequency (SCL=400KHz).



- The SW is compiled without errors and warning.

- The Events.C callbacks were properly set with the needed flags using the

Tutorial InternalI2C.

- The binary is loaded on the target without errors.


######  PROBLEM  #######


The "I2C0_SendBlock()" returns ERR_OK and sentBytes = 3,

but the Event "OnTrasmitData" is not called and therefore the SW go in deadlok waiting endless

for the flag "Completed=1U".

It seems the byte transmission not finish correctly for some problem.


If I comment all the synchro loops (while{...}) till to arrive to the  "I2C1_ReceiveBlock()"

I get the error id = 10 (no data to receive).


I've checked the SCL line by an oscilloscope and the clk is 400KHz.

Unfortunately I don't have a Logic Analyzer at the moment.


Could you help me to understand where could be the error?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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