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armhf, Xorg and Vivante GC2000

Question asked by Michele Adduci on Jan 15, 2014
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I'm trying to obtain a armhf rootfs with fully X11 accelerated by Vivante GC2000 on a Wandboard with I.MX6 Quad.

Until know, i cannot find any library working for armhf and latest Xorg 11.3+ version for Ubuntu/Debian. Most of them are working only on framebuffer only mode.

Why Yocto 1.5 working libraries cannot be ported to other Linux distributions?

There are hundreds of posts all over the web asking and trying to build a latest Ubuntu/Debian system with 3D acceleration on Xorg since last year, but nothing is still changing.

It would be nice to find all in one place the missing sources/libraries to be compiled and used in order to achieve this goal, together with a good documentation.