Jackson James

Waking from STOP with CAN activity on HC908GZ60

Discussion created by Jackson James on Aug 7, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2007 by Jackson James
I am attempting to wake a 908GZ from STOp mode using CAN activity.
I can succesfully enter STOP mode and wakeup using the timebase module, but I've had no luck in waking on CAN.
The CAN is working fine (I'm receiving messages  while the CPU is running), but doesn't wake the CPU when in STOP mode.
In order to run 1Mb/sec CAN I'm clocking it with a PLL clock from CGMOUT. Does CAN have to run from the crystal clock to do wakeup? I have the oscillator enabled during STOP (so that I can use the timebase wakeup), but the PLL doesn't run in STOP.
Any advise gratefully received.....