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Vybrid Trace in IAR's EWARM

Question asked by n00b1024 on Dec 2, 2013
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Has anyone set up the ETM trace on the Vybrid using IAR's EWARM?


Right now, I'm working on that task, but running into a few problems. In EWARM, the trace needs to be enabled through a .mac file run at download, in order for the debugger ETM's viewer/setup to work. Theoretically, I need to write to relevant registers (CCM, mostly) in the .mac file, and that will enable the trace on the processor. Although I can write to the same registers using C code (running that task within in a .c file), the debugger is built such that it can only setup the trace using the .mac file.


However, I haven't been able to write to the processor using the .mac file -- the memory-writing function is being used correctly, but it's simply failing to write. I've been talking to IAR, and they say that my code should work, but that I may need to set up FlexBus in order for the debugger to write to the registers using the .mac. Does anyone have any suggestions, or know of any prerequirements for setting up the ETM on the Vybrid?


Thanks much.