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Problem in initialising DDR2 registers in freescale K70 twr

Question asked by Shanthi PK on Nov 29, 2013

Hi all,

The query is as follows.

We are using K70 Twr and i need to test the DDR2 SDRAM memory connected to it. We are not using RTOS. The task is to test the DDR2 memory. I had used twr_ddr2_script_init() from the example project from the driver file sdram.c and it works in the example project and i am able to read and write to the memory.

Now when i try to read or write to the memory in our customized project ,we are not able to initialise the registers, it stops in CR_00 itself, also the junk value in the memory is overwritten with a value 0x23000042. Tried writing into write back (from 0x70000000) and write through(from 0x80000000) memory also. Please help with a solution.

I am attaching our project setting files and also the main which we are using to check our functionalities. It is a draft copy. Please help us with this.

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