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how to access GPIO on imx28

Question asked by yongki min on Nov 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by yongki min

Hi I'm developing with imx28 (i.MX28) platform. BSP version is L2.6.35_10.12.01.


I'd like to access gpio port on user space.

So I did configuration of kernel. And I checked config file that show the flag "CONFIG_GPIO_SYSFS=y".


But I can't see the sysfs on /sys/class/gpio. This is my NFS mounted directory of Ubuntu host.


root@freescale /sys/class$ ls

backlight     input         net           scsi_device   vc

bdi           leds          power_supply  scsi_disk     video4linux

block         mdio_bus      raw           scsi_host     vtconsole

bsg           mem           rc            sound

firmware      misc          regulator     spi_master

graphics      mmc_host      rfkill        tty

i2c-adapter   mtd           rtc           ubi



After the configuration I rebuild the image. The image name rebuilt is rootfs.ext2.gz.

This is copy to NFS directory (/tools/rootfs).


Can anybody tell me how to access /sys/class/gpio sysfs.