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Executing from LPDDR2

Question asked by Chris Page on Nov 21, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by Gordy Carlson

I am currently using a Micron LPDDR2 (MT42L32M16D1) part.  I have it configured and have been able to run a memory test executing from internal SRAM that can write and read from the LPDDR2 memory without any errors.  When I go to execute out of the LPDDR2, I am receiving errors(chip is going off into the weeds) upon execution of any instruction that utilizes the stack(push, bl, etc.).  If I adjust the TBST_INT_INTERVAL from 2 to 4, I am able to use a debugger and step through these instructions without error, but if I attempt to run without stepping, I see the crash again.  Adjusting the interval more in either direction does not help (if anything makes it worse). Any idea which DRAM configurations/settings would be causing this problem?  Thanks.