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How do I add the fftw package to my rootfs build using QorIQ SDK V1.4?

Question asked by Dan Robinson on Nov 20, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 21, 2013 by Dan Robinson

Hi All,


I have a T4240QDS system that I'm trying to run some FFTs on.  I have downloaded and set up the QorIQ SDK version 1.4 and I have successfully built and loaded a rootfs.  I used the fsl-image-core as a basis and added a few packages.  I'm having some trouble adding the fftw package.  The process I followed is:


Run: bitbake fftw to build the package - succeeds

Modify my fsl image recipe file to include fftw

Run bitbake fsl image - also succeeds


When I load the image onto the T4240QDS system, I can't find the fftw header file.  I can see it here:



But it doesn't seem to get into my rootfs.  Also, I installed the fsl-toolchain, but when I try to use its compiler to build a simple fftw application, it tells me it can't find the header file.  I'll admit, I don't fully understand how the toolchain is supposed to work, so perhaps I'm just doing something wrong.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.