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Can I use Eclipse with 56800e chips?

Question asked by Charles Barnes on Oct 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by Fiona Kuang

We are currently using Classic Codewarrior to program for our chips.  I decided to give Eclipse a try, to see if it might fix another problem I am having (and it would probably be better to move to a more modern IDE anyway, as all of our machines are moving towards windows 7/8 anyway).


It appeared to me while I was downloading that my chip, the 56f8367, is supported.  I was even able to select it from a list when setting up the project.  However, when I got my sources all included, I exceeded the temporary license (duh).  I first just tried replacing the license.dat file with my license.dat in the /MCU folder.  But that didn't make any difference (I still didn't need the dongle to get the program up and running).


I was trying to see if I could "repair" my license to work with Eclipse, but did not find what I believed to be an appropriate license to download.

What am I missing?