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External inputs to a microprocessor

Question asked by barry gordon on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2013 by michaelsteffenfae

I'm using a 9S08AC32 in my design.  The board that I'm designing has connectors that external modules can plug-in.  When the modules is inserted, it pulls an I/O pin of the micro (pull-ups enabled) low.  My logic detects if the I/O pin is low then a module is plugged in.  I have 16 of these input pins.  Normally I would route these pins to a parallel load serial shift register and clock the results in.  Hopefully the module would only be inserted in when the power is off.  The connector is pinned so the module can only be plugged in one way.  I have 16 spared I/O pins.


Any thoughts and/or opinions on this on going directly to the I/O's.