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iMX28 boot error with SD

Question asked by victorien on Oct 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2016 by mickaeltoumi


I'm designing a custom board with an iMX28 processor. I also have an iMX28EVK board to make some test.

I boot on SD card with the 2 card.


Result on EVK board :

- the SD card is detected

- the card boot correctly


Result on custom board :

- no boot

- error on debug UART 0x8020A014 (this error means that there is a problem with SD detection)


On the iMX28 website there is an information about a patch to correct the SSP_SCK polarity. Then I have 2 questions :

- was this patch apply by freescale  on the EVK board ?

- I don't apply this patch on my board, is it the reason of my problem ?