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pb with sprinf since use of const string in banked mem

Discussion created by daniel herve on Jul 26, 2007
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I create a new post (too far away from the begining)

My program was running but i had to move the string in banked memory.

I use the FAQ "FAQ-27439". (thx crasycat for the tip)

But now i have a problem with sprintf.

a simply example:

char stH[10]=" --- ";
char stO[30];
nInd = sprintf(stO,stH); // => good result
nInd = sprintf(stO,"%s",stH); // => bad one
why ?

I search on post and found this :
Problem with CW12 4.5

I think tim_milliken had the same problem.
he wrote in the message 5:
"I made a compltely new project and that is the only thing I did, and it did not work. I sometime step into sprintf and notice that the format that gets passed in is messed up."

I have the same problem with the format.

someone have an idea?