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Question asked by sumanth mushigeri on Sep 16, 2013

Hello All,


I have got this attached UART driver for P4080.  Using Cmake -gcc I have complied it and loaded into the machine, but its not working for me. The Lauterbach Trace 32 connected to it says :" target reset", as soon as I press RUN.


If I remove/comment this thing, it runs smoothly.


Experts please check the driver and tell me, where am I going wrong? I have been trying to debug it since 3 days with no fruit.

I guess its some where in clock initializing or its because I don't see any (RCW[UART]) config here.


Or else, if there is any other  simple working driver with you, please can you share it with me ? I need to send char data to uart port, which is connected to minicom.

Or else you can atleast tell me the steps to initialize the minimum port P4080 uart to send char data to minicom connected to uart1.


By using U-boot, I am able to connect to P4080 com port using minicom. Its tested and works perfectly.


Sincerely waiting for help,



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