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Reg Decrementer not working on Bare Board (With No OS)

Question asked by vijaykishore on Aug 19, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2013 by vijaykishore

Hi all,


Reference docmunets for the following Doubt:


1. MPC8548ERM - Reference manual available on net.


2. E500CORERM - E500 Core Ref Manual available on net.





I am using MPC8548E processor based customized board. U-Boot is loaded on it as boot loader.


From there I want to run my standalone applications.

I am able to run small applications like Hello_World.


Now I am working on Decrementer module which is supported by MPC8548E. I am trying to generate an interrupt after every certain period of time (say 100ms).

I am loading the DEC register and setting the corresponding registers to enable the timer to start. The list of registers which I am using for this module are:




Along with that I just checked DEVDISR register. The value it returned is: 0xD0000010, saying the Time base facilities are already enabled. I am able to access and modify all the registers. Decrementer will have to generate an interrupt once it counts down to 0. But this is not happening. My Interrupt handler is located at the address which is specified by IVOR10 and IVPR registers.


Decrementer interrupt is not generated, so it is not entering ISR.


Please help me in this regard, as it is important to proceed further.