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i.MX6Q: glib segmentation fault

Question asked by Tarek El-Sherbiny on Aug 14, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2013 by Leonardo Sandoval Gonzalez

When I'm loading the system with lots of video streams and running for long time glib is crashing with the same error message.


(<unknown>:3749): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_closure_invoke: assertion `closure->marshal || closure->meta_marshal' failed


GDB back trace is not always the same but here is the bt from last crash:

#0  0x2b8b58f0 in malloc_consolidate () from /lib/

#1  0x2b8b7064 in _int_malloc () from /lib/

#2  0x2b8b7f8c in _int_memalign () from /lib/

#3  0x2b8ba308 in memalign () from /lib/

#4  0x2b8bb8a0 in posix_memalign () from /lib/

#5  0x2aaf55a4 in av_malloc () from /usr/lib/

#6  0x2ac9efe4 in av_new_packet () from /usr/lib/

#7  0x2abce1d8 in av_get_packet (s=0x36335580, pkt=0x39bfec10, size=3684) at libavformat/utils.c:269

#8  0x2ab460f0 in adbinary_mpeg (txtDat=0x39bfeb64, vidDat=0xa99700, pkt=0x39bfec10, s=0x8b9d70) at libavformat/adbinary.c:107

#9  adbinary_read_packet (s=0x8b9d70, pkt=0x39bfec10) at libavformat/adbinary.c:487

#10 0x2abce754 in av_read_packet (s=0x8b9d70, pkt=0x39bfec10) at libavformat/utils.c:735

#11 0x2abcf03c in av_read_frame_internal (s=0x8b9d70, pkt=0x39bfecd8) at libavformat/utils.c:1196

#12 0x000135d0 in player_thread (arg=0x869ce0) at player.c:425

#13 0x2b542290 in SDL_RunThread () from /usr/lib/

#14 0x2b56f600 in RunThread () from /usr/lib/

#15 0x2b5aab10 in start_thread () from /lib/

#16 0x2b90e958 in clone () from /lib/

#17 0x2b90e958 in clone () from /lib/


Can I upgrade to a more recent version of glib ?