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Using PDD without integrating LDD Components

Question asked by Markus Krug on Aug 8, 2013
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I just setup a project that uses only Init_xxx PE components and no LDD component at all. In the 'Components' window of PE each of the used Init_xxx components has its PDD directory that contains the corresponding methods. I can drag&drop the methods to my application source code. However I can not build my application with those methods because they all are unknown. I had a closer look and discovered that in the 'Generated Code' directory the files that contain the PDD methods are missing. Therefore I included PDD components again that I configured to be without any functionality. Nevertheless this procedure gave me all the required PDD functions in the 'Generated Code' directory and I can use them now.

So in principle I found a solution. However I am not sure if that procedure works for every component and I am also not sure if I get an efficient footprint of my application. Additionally to maintain the software is not so easy if there is every PE component for a µC modul double - as Init_xxx and as LDD version.

I don't want to switch back for every component to the LDD version of it because some methods of the LDD versions do not work as expected and also some features of the µC modules can not be configured by using the LDD version.


Does anyone know about this and has a solution or better workaround?


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