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Profiling with MPC560P

Question asked by Johannes Kuhn on Aug 6, 2013
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I have been reading various Documentations, and I still dont know whether Profiling Code on the MPC560P ( in my speacial case MPC560P4) is possible with CW 10.4. From what I read it seems possible/easy, but it is not working like explained in the Microcontrollers V10.x Profiling and Analysis Users Guide.


Surely someone here is able to help me with that information. And maybe you can point me to some useful documantation?


If it is not possible with 10.4 is it possible with the Classic version (2.10)? Is there an easy way of getting the elf- binary + the needed Debuging information into the Profiler in 2.10?



Thank you very much for your input...


Johannes Kuhn