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i.MX258 scc driver and user space application

Question asked by jingdar du on Aug 4, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2013 by Paul Wang

hi forum,

Due to I have to deliver the security related functions. below are the issue I met.


1. does iMX258 provides hardware engine for RSA/DES/TDES/SHA/MAC/HMAC etc. 

     I can see drivers/mxc/security/rng, but does not  including above functions inside it.

     where I can get or download the drivers and related documents?


2. does iMX258 provides the sample codes for user space applications

     where I can get them?


3. can I take "drivers/mxc/security/sahara" for IMX25 driver use?  since it was for iMX37,