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SPI receive error with mxs-spi

Question asked by lategoodbye on Aug 1, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2013 by lategoodbye

Hello Freescale Community,


i'm stuck to make the i.MX28 (SPI master) communicate with an IC (SPI slave) over MXS-SPI (using Mainline Kernel 3.10, imx-bootlets 10.12.01) on a custom board (similar to i.MX28 EVK).


mxs-spi 80014000.ssp: registered master spi1

spi spi1.0: setup mode 3, 8 bits/w, 1000000 Hz max --> 0

mxs-spi 80014000.ssp: registered child spi1.0


The SPI work, but in the response are always 2 bits wrong. The i.MX28 sends an 16bit SPI read command ( 0xDA 0x00) in so called burst mode (no chip select toggling between read and write command) to the IC. The response in the i.MX28 should be always 0xAA 0x55, but it's always 0xAB 0x54.


AA 55 = 1010 1011 0101 0100

AB 54 = 1010 1010 0101 0101


If i connect a logic analyser to capture the traffic, i see the correct response 0xAA 0x55. So the problem must be on the i.MX28.


SPI parameter

clock frequency: 1 MHz

Mode: 3

CS: active low


Also i add a printk in the function mxs_spi_txrx_pio() to see what is received low level, but it's always the wrong value 0xAB 0x54.


Does anybody have a idea what's the problem?




Here is the important part of the dts file:


ssp2: ssp@80014000 {

                #address-cells = <1>;

                #size-cells = <0>;

                compatible = "fsl,imx28-spi";

                pinctrl-names = "default";

                pinctrl-0 = <&spi2_pins_a>;

                status = "okay";


                spidev@0x00 {

                            compatible = "spidev";



                            spi-max-frequency = <1000000>;

                            reg = <0>;